UPS Testimonials

David Atkinson

David describes how his wife discovered a package delivered to a snow bank in his back yard (after being thrown over his fence):

When the UPS driver tried our front door and didn’t manage to raise anyone, he didn’t leave the package on the front stoop or a delivery notice. Instead, he walked down the alley and tossed the package over our fence. He didn’t even make sure it landed in a dry spot, he just tossed it over right into the snow. Mind you, not that tossing a package over a fence is a reasonable way to deliver a package.

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 Tracy Sole

Missouri resident, Tracy Sole, was extremely upset after she discovered a notice left on her door by UPS stating they had delivered a package to her residence and placed it inside of a black trash can.


“I don`t care if they leave it by the mailbox as long as they don`t throw it in the trash,” said Sole, who understands that the driver didn’t want to walk down her icy driveway, but thinks they could’ve chosen a better spot for the package.

Unfortunately, the incident has left Sole without a Christmas gift for her daughter.

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