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  • Disgruntled Fedex Employee

    Disgruntled Fedex Employee

    via Jim Munson (YouTube) “I can’t imagine why my packages are getting damaged” Jim Munson of East Northport, NY sighs and exhales as he watches this young, seemingly angry-with-life FedEx employee toss, throw and hurl packages of every conceivable size into the back of this FedEx truck, parked outside a FedEx office. In this shocking video of nearly 2 minutes in length, it becomes obvious that FedEx delivery truck drivers and slippery-handed truck loaders aren’t getting the message — or they simply […]

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  • FedEx Employees Throwing Boxes- FAIL

    FedEx Employees Throwing Boxes- FAIL

    YouTuber Izzy Simmons lays out the situation (and demonstrates her in-depth opinions) regarding FedEx throwing boxes and the inherent issues surrounding the blatant on-street incident that occurred in July of 2013 as well as the classic caught-on-tape moment when the FedEx worker throws the computer monitor over the fence.    

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  • Re: FedEx Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor

    Re: FedEx Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor

    NellyReviews reacts to the incident where a FedEx deliveryman threw a computer monitor over a fence instead of delivering it properly to the recipient. CLICK HERE to view the original video featuring the soured delivery caught on camera.    

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