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  • Disgruntled Fedex Employee

    Disgruntled Fedex Employee

    via Jim Munson (YouTube) “I can’t imagine why my packages are getting damaged” Jim Munson of East Northport, NY sighs and exhales as he watches this young, seemingly angry-with-life FedEx employee toss, throw and hurl packages of every conceivable size into the back of this FedEx truck, parked outside a FedEx office. In this shocking video of nearly 2 minutes in length, it becomes obvious that FedEx delivery truck drivers and slippery-handed truck loaders aren’t getting the message — or they simply […]

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  • UPS Driver in Long Island Kicks Package worth $12,000

    UPS Driver in Long Island Kicks Package worth $12,000

    via 7online: Just Kicking It This UPS worker from Long Island was recently caught on camera kicking a large package out the door of the company that was mailing it. The sender, Ray Martel, was sending a $12,000 pressure gauge “This guy just basically threw the thing out the door. And when I look at the video, all of a sudden I’m shocked, I see him push this box across the floor and then proceed to bowl it across the […]

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  • Lazy USPS Worker Throws Box Containing Hard Drive Against Garage Door

    Lazy USPS Worker Throws Box Containing Hard Drive Against Garage Door

    http://youtu.be/IzhLv0NN5oc The Postal Service is at it again! This time, we see a postal driver pulling up to a home and bowling a heavy package against a home’s garage door. The box doesn’t roll smoothly. Indeed, the video shows it hitting the garage door with a bump. A spokesperson for the USPS states: “The video you mention is upsetting to us here at the Postal Service. We are currently in the process of determining where the event took place and […]

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  • Fed Up FedEx Man Part 1

    Fed Up FedEx Man Part 1

    Here we have Part 1 of a New York city FedEx driver who is apparently tired of his job — or just angry in general — and proceeds to throw packages into the back of his truck. Several packages are chucked, lobbed, and tossed into the back of this street-parked van. Thanks to YouTube user TennySped for capturing this on video.

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