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  • UPS Throwing Package in the Snow

    UPS Throwing Package in the Snow

    Alexander Woellhaf brings us this recent multi-angle video capture of a UPS man tossing a package while making a delivery in snowy conditions.   Not much information was given about the delivery, but the camera tells the whole story. It could be that the UPS loosens up its delivery policy during temperature fluctuations and tossing could be deemed acceptable under extreme weather conditions. Investigation into this policy pending.

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  • UPS Throws Package Up a Set of Stairs

    UPS Throws Package Up a Set of Stairs

    Anton K brings us a recent case of UPS vs “stairs allergy.” This UPS worker walks up to the set of stairs, views the summit, and makes the toss without a second thought. Who knows what was inside and whether or not it needed to be handled with care — moot now naturally.   You have to applaud his distance. Form was only so-so.  If only UPS trucks featured an in-motion catapult, walking any distance would become a thing of […]

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