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  • FedEx Quarterback Tosses Package

    FedEx Quarterback Tosses Package

    What an arm! This FedEx delivery person missed his calling as a pro NFL quarterback. Look at the speed and velocity with which he tosses this large Amazon box at this customer’s doorstep.   Luckily Andy Chou took this in stride but was thoughtful enough to post this little tidbit. Go FedEx!    

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  • FedEx Employees Throwing Boxes- FAIL

    FedEx Employees Throwing Boxes- FAIL

    YouTuber Izzy Simmons lays out the situation (and demonstrates her in-depth opinions) regarding FedEx throwing boxes and the inherent issues surrounding the blatant on-street incident that occurred in July of 2013 as well as the classic caught-on-tape moment when the FedEx worker throws the computer monitor over the fence.    

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  • FedEx Throws Package Out Passenger Window

    FedEx Throws Package Out Passenger Window

    Here’s the scoop from YouTube user: deathadder420 I have cameras set up in my house. I noticed that one of my packages was in the middle of my driveway. I was curious so I took a look at my Front Yard camera. I couldn’t believe what I saw on camera. Captured in HD AND AUDIO shows the FedEx truck driver throwing the package out the passenger side window! The loud noise you hear is the sound of my glass inside […]

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