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Reading through these post….most packages that you receive have passed through many hands and along many conveyor belts well before they reach the hands of your carrier. For the guy with the 23 boxes… it appears, instead of using insured movers you mailed all of your contents across the country via USPS. …looking at your video shows that even you struggled with weight of your own contents….since its not feasible to just put just your contents in a shipping container, I would hate to see the damage you parcels did to others; although it looks as though your contents alone were stacke on top of each other. Word to the wise .. hire a moving company next time. USPS is not a moving company. ( of course they will take your money if that\’s the way you desire to move all the contents from state to another clear across the country. I don\’t condone throwing packages; USPS attempts to get the most done with least amount of help in the least amount of time…. carriers are threatened with thier employment if the dont make it out of the office on the least time possible and back to the office and off the clock; causing many to take shortcuts.

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I don’t have a video, but OH MY GOODNESS I can related to this. I was anxiously awaiting the delivery of a DLSR camera I got on Amazon for a pretty good deal (but those babies are still expensive). I dunno if UPS guy thought I wasn’t home, or it was because it was icy on the stairs, but it sounds like he essentially tossed the box from the sidewalk up onto my porch. I heard a thud and thought IT’S HERE WHAT THE FUCK WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! Of course the box didn’t say fragile on it either. Man, was I nervous opening the box. Everything was fine but considering it was 5 degrees out, I thought it’d be shattered for sure. Thanks UPS.

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I worked as a PO clerk 8 years. Parcels were routinely sorted by tossing them into hampers; could be quite a thud. Supervisors want them thrown fast. If the parcels are to be gently carried & set in the hampers & no throwing is done, that would probably double your shipping cost. It is not laziness that causes throwing, it is time for workers paid by the hour.

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Hi- Thought you all might enjoy this. In July 2013 I sent 2 Cerwin-Vega Hi-Fi speakers to a guy that had purchased them on eBay. The UPS delivery person was seen tumbling the large heavy boxes end over end and managed to completely destroy the speakers. UPS denied my insurance claim and said hat I hadn’t packaged the speakers properly. I got an article published about it in the Dallas Morning News and embarrassed UPS into refunding my money and the value of the speakers. I’m a professional photographer and took some rather damning photographs of the ruined speakers. When I heard about your website I thought you might be interested in my story. Thanks.

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I work for UPS and have worked for FedEx Ground (RPS) too. Between the two I’ve worked in three different buildings. Two were hubs and one a tiny “extended center.” Anyone who throws, kicks, or mishandles a package in any way doesn’t deserve their job. With that being said…..I can honestly say that 99% of all damages are caused by improper packages. Everyone has to remember that a PACKage (notice the special emphasis on the root word) needs to be properly PACKed. Its is shocking just how many shippers just throw items in a box and put little to no PACKing material in the boxes.. Each PACKage is going to be loaded into a trailer or airplane container with thousands of other PACKages. That alone will cause most improperly PACKed PACKages to get crushed. Throw in the the fact that many shippers don’t put enough tape on the boxes and also the fact that many use weaker non parcel tape, or weak glue or stapes instead of good tape, and that doesn’t give most PACKages much of a chance for survival. When us drivers pick these PACKages up from the shippers they more often than not look and feel like properly PACKed shipments. That is until they are pulled out of the trailer at the next hub after spending hours in a trailer with thousands of other packages that are all shapes, sizes, and weights stacked on, around, and beside them. And if they do survive the first leg of the traveling between hubs they are likely to be crushed inside the hub unless they are PROPERLY PACKed. Especially in a FedEd Ground hub where many of the sorting systems are automated and package are run through them even faster. The problem is that there are still people at the end loading the trailers and they can’t keep up. UPS gets three times the exposure for damaged PACKages because they are three times the size and process three times the amount compared to the next biggest competitor. And like I said NO ONE should be purposely mistreating PACKages but the fact is that UPS overall (percentage wise) does a better job handling the loads.

Popular Mechanics did a study on this a while back. They determined the the Post Office parcels were treated a little gentler despite being “flipped” the most. What they, and most people don’t know though is that UPS handled a huge chunk of the packages the USPS delivers. We (UPS) pick them up and move them through our network and deliver them to the USPS near the final destination and the USPS’s only contact with them is from that point to the actual delivery. FedEx was parcels were treated the worst. So what does this mean? There are lots of butt-heads out there working for all the different carriers but in reality most damages happen due to shipper error. I know this from personal experience as well.

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I would like to share a UPS delivery disaster. I design and build model drilling rigs and equipment for museums and training institutions. I was commissioned by Schlumberger to build a model for their training center in Abu Dhabi. Since this was traveling halfway across the world I made a decision to let UPS pack the model figuring they would be the professionals in such an area.

The package arrived busted to pieces and the claim was immediately denied. Their reason – It was damaged due to the fact that the “packaging did not meet UPS packing standards”. After revealing this to them, I disputed the denial only to be denied a second time for the following reason:

After I had the model packed by a UPS Packing Center, I took it to the UPS main drop off to send it off ($300 cheaper) that way. The young man working did not know how to process an international shipment and with a line building behind me I asked if I could leave it and come back the next day when someone else could get it shipped. A quick nod “no” from his boss who remained at his desk not offering any assistance was my que to leave.

I decided to call UPS and have the package picked up from my office. My call specifically requested international shipping documents. However, the driver tried to tell me the domestic shipping papers would work. Knowing better, I rescheduled for her to come back while I went to the UPS Packing Center to get the proper international shipping forms. Now for the denial reason. Because I took the package to my office to have picked up they claim no responsibility. After disputing the second denial they did offer me $100 for inconvenience and credited shipping cost. Value of the model – $10,000.



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Last year I worked for UPS. I can give more info later but if you think some of these videos are bad, you’d be horrified to know what happens behinds the scenes. Not sure what information I can give out without getting in trouble. But I was a part time worker handling packages and it was shocking to say the least.

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My husband is a letter carrier with the USPS for 30+ years. Some of the situations you are showing … you are just trying to get people fired up. The video with the dog is disturbing. Why would a carrier go into a fenced area with a dog?? The video that everyone was outraged where they were “throwing” parcels into the truck – do you know, were they linens or non-breakable items?? And – she was not throwing them, but rather just putting the items in the truck. You should add every single carrier – food trucks, large scale drivers of all sort, to this site, because if you are trying to create problems, they are everywhere and in every industry.

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I have had many problems with UPS. I buy a lot of gourmet strawberries from Shari’s Berries and they don’t get to pick who ships the Berries and work with both UPS and FedEx. I can just about count on the Berries being ruined if they come UPS, but they are always fresh and delicious when shipped via FedEx in the same order. One example was 4 boxes I ordered at Christmas one year. One for my great-niece, one for my Mother-in-law, one for my son’s girlfriend and one for myself. It was our first time meeting our son’s girlfriend. We had opened all our gifts and we had her come to the dining room and I got one of the two boxes out of the refrigerator and gave it to her. (the one that had came FedEx) She opened it and said “OH MY! Chocolate covered Strawberries, my favorite! And they are so beautiful! Thank you!” I didn’t open my box until they left to drive back home (out of state). Mine had come UPS. When I opened the box, only one berry was intact. I had to pry the lid o ff. It looked like a gorilla had shook the box. But these berries are so well packed and insulated, I don’t know how this would be possible. I immediately called my Mother-in-law and great-niece to check on theirs.. Mother-in-law’s came via FedEx and were perfect. Niece didn’t want to say, but since I brought it up, hers were all broken but 3 and were delivered via UPS. One great thing about Shari’s is, they always replace their product even when it is someone else’s fault. They ROCK. That is why I have done business with them (and their berries are AWESOME) for so many years.

My next story involves Shari’s too. I send a lot of berries. lol Sent some to my Sister-in-law in TX. Oh,there was a terrible snow storm down there, and that poor driver couldn’t make it 20 more minutes to her house to deliver her 60th birthday berries at 2 something in the afternoon!!! Then I was informed that since it was a perishable item, they would not deliver it on the weekend! DUH! So Sha ri’s sent out a replacement right away. They didn’t want her first taste of their berries to be awful! (They are so thoughtful!) So I told my brother and Sister-in-law to document whatever happened after that. The driver threw the berries over the fence. The box was upside down and busted. He documented that he placed the box on the porch Their porch is very far from the fence. The package was marked “This end up” and “Please ring bell or Knock”. When I reported it to the office. I was told as long as it was “on the property” it was delivered. And that I could not have the driver reprimanded. Another one that stands out is when I ordered my husband 2 pair of New Balance shoes. It showed on tracking that the shoes were only 20 minutes from my house. The shoes never showed up. When I checked again, the shoes were in another state >600 miles away. I called and was told the shoes were never in my state 20 minutes away, that that was an anticipated stop, but due to bad we ather the shoes were diverted. I’m disabled, not stupid. I checked the weather for where the shoes were supposed to be and also 20 minutes from my house and then where they went >600 miles in another state. The weather was fine before my stop and at 20 miles from my house, but was bad where they actually took the shoes >600 miles from my house!! Why does UPS feel it necessary to lie? It makes them look even worse than what they already are? At least be honest with customers and they will trust you more. UPS and Brown truck are not even part of my vocabulary any more. I dislike them so much. I would pay extra just so I would not have to have them ship any of my goods. They never ring our bell or knock. Just drop the box at our door. It doesn’t matter what I order or how expensive the item.

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I live on the second floor, and any time we get a package, the delivery person just throws it up on to the landing. They often hit our plants and other decorations. Are these people so lazy that they can\’t walk up a flight of stairs? So far, they haven\’t damaged any of our deliveries, but it is only a matter of time.

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I am a package delivery man. While I don’t condone throwing packages here are some things poeple may not know. Generaly the delivery drivers work 10,12,16 hrs a day. while it’s easy to order on line, that just makes more stops for the driver, they don’t get help. They are just expected to do more and work longer hours. Many pkgs say 2-person lift, yet the drivers work ALONE. ? Ever get mad because something didn’t come for Christmas? The drivers work more days, longer hrs still and are given ridiculous amounts of \”stops\”. The delivery Company doesn\’t care if they miss the Holidays with their families just as long as they are out delivering that on line order!

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I have a story I’m currently disputing now with UPS. No video but a lot of before and after pictures as well as documentation. Do you accept pictures?

Response: Yes, we do!

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Unfortunately i don’t have vidoes,UPS rob people to stay in business, i had three package damage/soaking wet, because it was left in the rain and thrown. UPS think they are doing us a favor, but if we don’t give them business, they are out of business,i stop shipping with UPS. And forget filing a claim, you better off doing a brain surgery.

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A few slackers? Are you kidding??….Do me a favor, call my post office…Ft Hamilton branch on 5th Ave in Brooklyn, NY. That place is loaded with thieves. I have had so many packages stolen it\’s beyond ridiculous…I’ve complained on every occasion and no one gets back to me. I’m all for privatizing the post office.

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I’ve been delivering mail for 32 years, and from what I know, letter carriers throwing packages is very rare. The vast majority of folks delivering mail treat it as it was there own. Of course there’s ALWAYS a few slackers in every job!!! But overall most parcels are delivered on time and undamaged!!! We pros in the delivery bizz appreciate customer videos to show the bosses who\’s running routes instead of taking the…….TIME!!…….to do it correctly!!! No excuse for throwing packages,PERIOD!!! Thanks!!

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I’m not fortunate enough to have video surveillance of my front door, so I can’t attest to whether packages have been thrown.  

The majority of my deliveries have arrived intact, but I have often had items that were left on the ground beneath my mailbox by UPS or USPS. I’ve been home when most of these “deliveries” were made, but have never been alerted by the doorbell or knocking.  The most annoying delivery was a lawn mover from Amazon, left on my doorstep by Fedex, on a weekend when no one was home to receive it.

Most of these deliveries had tracking, and I registered for alerts, so I usually get an email letting me know that a package has been delivered. Unfortunately, this was often hours after the package has been sitting in the rain or snow clearly visible from the high school across the street.  

My suggestion is that ANY TIME a package is left outside a mailbox, that you contact your local postal inspector or the UPS office and make a formal complaint.  In the case of the post office, it’s a violation of regulations to deliver ANYTHING outside an approved mailbox or to a person authorized to receive mail.  UPS rules are vague unless a signature is needed for receipt.

In either case, document the extent of any damage by photographing the package.  Regardless of whether the delivery is insured, both UPS and USPS are liable for physical damage incurred between receipt of a package and delivery to an authorized recipient. 

The best advice I can give is to pay the extrat fee for delivery signature required.

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Hey guys, love the collection of videos!

Totally understand the frustration of having packages damaged. 

Thought though that I’d alert some of your viewers to other options to prevent damage to parcels. 

Our unit is a parcel box or parcel locker which enables items to be securely delivered whether the recipient is home or not. 

Although it’s not currently available in the States, there are other versions such as the Elephanttrunk that are. 

Particularly for people who may have dogs or even a secure front garden, parcel boxes can provide some security and certainty of delivery. 

Its important to look for a box that allows the courier to place the delivery inside without damaging fragile contents. 

Keep up the good work with the videos! Good to see some Australian ones on here too!

My Parcel Box

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Without delivery people you would not get your package. Most are excellent.

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I just wanted to say thank you for this little splash of reality. We had long suspected our packages were being mishandled by our local USPS carrier due to the box corners being constantly mashed, dented and boxes mishapen. My wife and I installed a driveway camera in March of this year hoping that we would capture whatever was happening. Sure enough our postal carrier was throwing all of our larger packages UP our stairs from a distance greater than 10 feet because he couldn’t be bothered to walk up a few stairs. Needless to say we were devastated that this could ever happen to us or anyone else. Thank you for bringing this to light and I hope it’s a wake up call for many.

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LOL a friend sent me here on the video about the dude flipping off the camera and throwing the package. WTF?! Funny thing I have one of the DHL guy I will upload to you if you will post….. KEEP IT UP!!!

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Get a fucking life

How sad the woman who was so lazy she couldn’t be bothered to buy her $100 American girl doll was offended.

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Cool site. Thank you for doing this because people NEED to see what happens behind closed doors. We had 3 damaged packages in the past SEVEN MONTHS due to them being thrown or mishandled. 3 insurance claims filed. Stress, headaches. Hopefully the more people who see these videos the more likely the drivers will be to handle peoples boxes with care.


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