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DONTTHROWMYPACKAGE.COM was born in an effort to showcase, reveal and rectify the modern-day mishandling of human-delivered packages. Each year, worldwide, consumers and businesses alike spend billions of dollars on shipping and insurance services with the promise that their parcels will be handled with the care and service outlined in the selected dispatcher’s rules and regulations. Quite frequently, as demonstrated on this website, employee performance doesn’t always honor this promise — resulting in loss of time, money and goods and services.

As the price of surveillance resources continues to drop, jilted package recipients have reluctantly turned to cameras and cellphones to capture neglectful, mishandled deliveries. With the advent of modern technology, “It wasn’t packed properly” no longer stands as the default line as damage and insurance claims are filed each year. Disheartened consumers and parcel recipients are entitled to the service they paid for and expect to receive.

It is the mission of this website to offer resources and recourse to this group of growing individuals.

Don’t throw MY package.



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