Disgruntled Fedex Employee

via Jim Munson (YouTube)

Jim Munson

“I can’t imagine why my packages are getting damaged”

Jim Munson of East Northport, NY sighs and exhales as he watches this young, seemingly angry-with-life FedEx employee toss, throw and hurl packages of every conceivable size into the back of this FedEx truck, parked outside a FedEx office.

FedEx Toss

In this shocking video of nearly 2 minutes in length, it becomes obvious that FedEx delivery truck drivers and slippery-handed truck loaders aren’t getting the message — or they simply don’t care.

Damaged packages, and the reasons behind the breakage, are becoming less of a mystery as these videos continue to surface of careless FedEx workers disregarding property and courtesy while working for the company.

Thanks to Jim for submitting this video and for continuing the quest to have a legitimate delivery service we can count on to deliver parcels to our door without incident.

This FedEx worker was subsequently fired.

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  1. Fergus says:

    FedEx Ground Drivers are not employees, they are contractors.

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