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  • USPS “Special” Delivery

    USPS “Special” Delivery

    via John K (via e-mail) Thanks to John K for submitting this alarming account of this USPS postal working literally hurling this package over a 8-9 foot gate and onto the awaiting concrete on the other side. Not only does this free-wheeling, fuchsia-wearing package tosser decide to inappropriately toss John’s parcel over his gate, but she also goes for a bit of height in her toss — look at how freely the package clears the impressively enormous barricade. John:  Let us know in the comments […]

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  • UPS Worker Explains Why UPS Workers Throw Packages

    UPS Worker Explains Why UPS Workers Throw Packages

    Sean Windingland brings us an in-depth monologue and explanation as to why we pay UPS to throw our packages in his aptly named YouTube video, “UPS Kinda Sucks”:

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  • UPS Employee Kicking Package Down Driveway Serves As Delivery

    UPS Employee Kicking Package Down Driveway Serves As Delivery

    via Doug Schwab This post comes via YouTube from Doug Schwab. Caught on video is this UPS delivery driver juggling three awkward packages at once, instead of making two trips to ensure a safe delivery to his customer. In the right place at the right time:   Doug of Potomac, MD captures this careless UPS worker kicking a package down the full length of this driveway on a sunny afternoon. Listen to the dismayed commentary on the video that captures […]

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  • Disgruntled Fedex Employee

    Disgruntled Fedex Employee

    via Jim Munson (YouTube) “I can’t imagine why my packages are getting damaged” Jim Munson of East Northport, NY sighs and exhales as he watches this young, seemingly angry-with-life FedEx employee toss, throw and hurl packages of every conceivable size into the back of this FedEx truck, parked outside a FedEx office. In this shocking video of nearly 2 minutes in length, it becomes obvious that FedEx delivery truck drivers and slippery-handed truck loaders aren’t getting the message — or they simply […]

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