USPS Throwing Multiple Packages Breaking Contents

via Ezequiel R (YouTube):
Published on Jan 24, 2016

I was working perfectly until I started hearing loud bangs and saw this again. I work for an international shipping company located in Miami, Florida for four years now. Two years ago the post office of my area started throwing our clients packages from their trucks instead of properly doing their job. We have politely asked the post office workers to not throw the merchandise due to the fact that our clients order high end items. We have received broken new iPhones bought from Apple expensive glass perfume bottles, kitchen glassware, laptops, etc.

USPS throwing packages in truck

We must deal with our clients complaining about their broken merchandise often and compensate for their failure to be satisfied. Not only have they thrown packages but also misdelivered to us merchandise from local and non-local areas. On the address labels from the misdelivered items it varies from offices across the street form us to North Miami and Ft. Lauderdale which are an hour at most an hour with usual traffic. Recently the post office has sent us guns that cost more than $5,000 together at two different occasions from a local gun shop with an address completely different from us. The police working for the post office had to become involved and file a report. If guns are being sent to us wrongfully it makes you think if they have sent weapons of the same and different type to people who are not mentally healthy to do what is right. We have kindly returned the items that were not ours, yet the post office workers still deliver them back to us.

Sometimes we do not receive items our clients have ordered online, however through the USPS tracking service online it states it was delivered. Countless times there has been missing packages that were somehow never found while on route to my office. We have complained to their manager numerous times but he always laughs off the topic and does nothing about it. The man shown in the video is the supervisor of the post office in my area. This is getting outrageous to the point that I and my fellow workers must stop doing our jobs to go through what the post office had sent us to make sure everything is correct, yet not surprisingly every time we do there are packages that is not ours. We lose money every time they come by which is sometimes every other day, or even once a week when by law they are required to come every day except Sundays. We become bombarded with tons of work that we would usually finish on time if they came every day, but instead deal with clients complaining and threatening to leave our company because their packages are not being sent on time. We are losing money and time every time we deal with the post office and we are getting tired of it. If you do not believe me you can go online and read the reviews people have left about them located on 11000 Southwest 104th Street, Miami, FL 33116.



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