FedEx Driver in Arlington, TN Tosses Package Against Suburban Memphis Door

via 10News:

“Thankfully, it was just a t-shirt, it wasn’t anything breakable. If it had been, FedEX would have been expected to replace it.”

Stacey Martin of Arlington was relieved that it was only a shirt being tossed across her front yard and not something fragile.

Stacey and her husband caught this incident on camera Wednesday. Earlier, their son heard a thump against the door .

All caught on camera, they then posted the video on Facebook which garnered many supportive comments and speculation about the nature of the delivery.

Arlington Fedex Throws Package

FedEx responds:  “We are very disappointed to see this video. This behavior falls far short of what is expected. FedEX companies transport millions of packages in a professional manner every day, and the conduct of this driver does not reflect the dedication and respect we have for our customers.”



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