Stop Drop – Shipping Mishandling Sensors

A Familiar Problem

Surprise! You’ve had your package arrive mangled, smashed, dented or damaged — and nobody, particularly the courier who you chose to trust with your valuable shipment, is willing to take the blame or compensate you for your loss.

…Enter Stop Drop!

Stop Drop

Stop Drop is a small, package-mounted, disposable, electronic impact sensor that allows consumers to make an informed decision before accepting a potentially damaged package.

Stop Drop Sensors

It’s a single-use, sophisticated, yet inexpensive electronic impact sensor designed for use with packaged shipments. Stop Drop’s capabilities include:

  • Detecting if your package was mishandled – Stop Drop senses any impact likely to damage properly packaged items.
  • Detecting when your package was mishandled, and therefore by whom – In the unfortunate event that damage occurs and filing an insurance claim with your shipping company becomes necessary, the ability to establish who had possession when mishandling occurred, and is therefore accountable is invaluable.
  • Serving as a deterrent to shipping company negligence – Unlike passive “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” labels that are easy to ignore without consequence, Stop Drop is actively monitoring the handling of your package at all times.

Label It!

Optionally Stop Drop’s supplemental label is a convenient and inexpensive source of important additional information for both shipping company personnel and the package recipient. Consider using them on all of your Stop Drop equipped shipments to further ensure Stop Drop’s effectiveness.


Click here to learn about the technology behind the sensors and what makes Stop Drop an essential source of protection and peace of mind for your most important shipments!

Stop Drop Animated Sensor



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