DHL Shamed for Deliberately Throwing Packages Into Loading Truck in Adelaide, Australia

thanks to Lili Patricia via YouTube for the following clip:

DHL parcel handlers which shows workers THROWING packages from their truck (VIDEO).  A video showing couriers recklessly throwing packages has garnered over half a million views in a day.  The clip was posted on Facebook by a ‘Pinky BuaChompoo’, the alias used by an Adelaide kick boxer, who filmed the scene from inside a car at Adelaide Airport.

DHL Throwing Boxes

It shows three men in high visibility shirts carelessly hurling the parcels against the back of a DHL truck.  The man that uploaded the video, who chose to remain anonymous, told Herald Sun he was angered by what he witnessed.  ‘The reason why it bothers me is that I send stuff all the time internationally and domestically and the stuff ends up in damaged boxes.  ‘Now I know why, so this is my little protest.’

A spokesperson for DHL confirmed the clip was legitimate.

‘DHL is obviously shocked to see the handling of the shipments in such a way,’ she said.  ‘It’s contrary to all of our policies and has spurred us to really prompt action.’  ‘We are working closely with the contractor so that those suppliers are aware of the gravity of what has been done here.’

They said that only one of the men in the video is employed by DHL, and the employee has not been ‘stood down’ as a result of the video.



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