UPS Worker Lazily Throwing Packages into UPS Truck in Broad Daylight

via BigJames

Do you remember this video of the FedEx woman tossing packages carelessly into the back of a FedEx truck? Well, clearly nationwide news coverage and her job loss didn’t affect this UPS worker from a repeat performance:

UPS Tossing Packages into Truck

Watch as he carelessly (and flagrantly) tosses customers’ packages into the back of his truck during broad daylight. Like a game of Tennis Tetris, this man in brown carries a stack of packages from his hand cart and proceeds to fling them into the back of his truck.

Imagine how much ink has been used this year alone by customers who religiously write “FRAGILE” on boxes that they hope will make it to their intended recipients across the US and beyond. Shame!

Thanks to BigJames for this enlightening video.


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  1. STUPIDX says:

    What does this have to do with laziness if a worker is paid by the hour & if there are time constraints on the work? If throwing parcels is eliminated, & they are gently placed during sorting and delivery, you should be ready to pay double for the shipping.

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