Jacksonville Florida USPS Postal Worker Throwing Packages Like They’re Garbage

Let’s see:  A rainy day, a homeowner away from her porch, and a USPS postal driver with as much compassion as a tazmanian devil. If it sounds like a recipe for disaster then you might be onto something…

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“My box was soaked and cracked open and a lot of the plastic containers and it was running down my driveway,” describes Sarah who does not want to give her last name out of concern that the mail carrier may try to retaliate against her.”

Jacksonville Florida USPS Throws Package

“We were shocked.  I probably sat there with my mouth open for 10 minutes.  I fully expected to see a kid throwing it, not my postal service worker throwing it out of his car,” remembers Sarah.

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It turns out that the package contained a six-month supply of make-up and is worth between $135-150.

She says the USPS manager told her they had received complaints about that particular carrier, but they never had any proof until now.  She says the woman told her the mail carrier did not typically deliver to Sarah’s neighborhood, but was filling in for someone the day her package was delivered.

“I asked the lady to call me because I said, “Look I want to know what happens to this individual because I think he should be severely reprimanded,”” said Sarah.




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