USPS Supervisor Throws Packages Into the Back of Mail Truck in Clinton Mississippi

Have a look at this:

Apparently a USPS supervisor is caught on camera recklessly throwing carefully wrapped packages into the back of this mail truck, throwing caution and all reason to the wind.

As reported by 16 WAPT News, the video was shot on May 5, in front of a local online merchant and posted to Lyndsey Durham’s YouTube page (watch the full video).

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 1.42.02 PM

As written in the post, the video shows a USPS worker,”recklessly tossing our packages into the back of the mail truck as they are picking them up from our place of business.” WJTV News Channel 12 received confirmation from an employee at the East Lawson Street post office in Clinton, that the woman shown in the video is a USPS supervisor.

If we cannot expect our leaders to perform up to task, what do we expect of their employees?



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