Lazy USPS Worker Throws Box Containing Hard Drive Against Garage Door

The Postal Service is at it again! This time, we see a postal driver pulling up to a home and bowling a heavy package against a home’s garage door.

The box doesn’t roll smoothly. Indeed, the video shows it hitting the garage door with a bump.

USPS throws package like bowling bowl

A spokesperson for the USPS states:

“The video you mention is upsetting to us here at the Postal Service. We are currently in the process of determining where the event took place and whether or not this is indeed one of our employees. It is difficult to tell from the video and the vehicle that the delivery person is in.”

She added: “We certainly do not condone delivery in this manner. The majority of our employees are extremely hard-working and dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. If we determine this is indeed an employee, we will take appropriate action and will do all we can to provide a refund to the customer for any damages as well as replace the contents of the package.”

Ironically, the USPS has a marketing campaign underway on Twitter to promote its Priority Mail service, and a number of users hijacked the assigned hashtag — #AmazingUSPS — to highlight the incident.

twitter post about thrown package

One million hits and counting. Nice work USPS.



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