Short of the Long: A Shipment of 23 boxes USPS Style

Short of the Long: A Shipment of 23 boxes USPS Style

This very detailed account of a 23 box USPS shipment comes from A Kruger via YouTube. He meticulously accounts severe damage to his shipped boxes in this 10 minute video. Clearly, these boxes were dropped, kicked, punched, thrown and were evidently uncared for.

USPS Damages Large Shipment of 23 Boxes

Here’s his account:

Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe,Very Disappointing USPS Shipment of 23 boxes

I want to help support the U.S. Postal Service even knowing it would cost me a lot more to send them this way.However supporting them was more important to me then spending the extra money. I even started using the U.S. Postal Service in work to send occasional packages. I’m thinking everyone should do this to help support our U.S. Postal Service after all its the American way. I mailed 23 boxes out from my father estate in NJ to myself in California, and to my alarm and distress,19 boxes were either badly damaged,crushed,and or mutilated,some with gaping holes. I received 22 boxes of the 23 boxes I sent myself so one appears to be lost. I examined them closely and realized they were handled extremely ruff and thrown about with hard force to inflict such damage to crush the corners,edges,sides and center. Even bubble wrap and pop corn insulators would not protect the contents from this kind of mishandling. It clearly demonstrates to me that the Postal workers or out side contractors behind this have total disregard for other peoples personal property,or company’s property, so to ad insult to injury, I paid top dollar to have my personal property handled like this. I called the Post Office number given to me to report the problem. I made a report, got a case number, was told I can make a claim and get paid for my loss but that’s not the point, If my 19 boxes were handled this way then what about other peoples boxes and packages handled by the U.S. Postal Service.I suppose the average person or company using the U.S. Postal Service doesn’t ship 23 pieces to one location,most people ship 1 or a few packages through the Post Office so I’m sure those complaints are never made or follow through however my shipment would be a good litmus test on how the Post Office handles your goods. Even when I get reimbursed for damaged goods, this type of abuse will continue until enough people complain and the Postal Service investigates to find who is responsible and takes action. These people need to be retrained and if they don’t improve, transferred to another job within the Post Office.
Any one I spoke to in the Postal Service all say the same thing,”Call or go online to start a claim”. They were not too concerned about the extent of the damage and how many pcs it was or how this could happen. They were all nice and apologetic but could do nothing about it or write up some kind of report for management or statistical purposes. I suppose this is USPS protocol and policy however this policy will only support customer dissatisfaction and guarantee insurance losses which will intern cause USPS insurance premium to eventually increase, thus Insurance increases will affect us all in Postage and General USPS Service increases.
I Post this video not to exploit bad service but because I care & in hopes that the right management person within the USPS will see this, launch an investigation and perhaps contact me for further information. I do want to mention that for 25 years owning my own business and shipping on average 267 boxes a day with UPS and Fedex, I have never seen an order of boxes handled so badly. Please USPS try fixing this because I clearly see how to.



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