Norco Delivery Guy Throws Package Onto Our Porch

Package Frisbee Toss

Frolf? Frackage?

Almost as if he’s making a cameo appearance on this HD video camera stream, this Norco delivery man casually walks up to his point of delivery and in one courageous fell swoop, during broad daylight, he decides to deliver this package Frisbee style to this customer’s front porch.

His form is reminiscent of many martial arts “kata” that I have seen, but none of them end in disgrace like this little maneuver.

Norco Delivery Throwing Packages


lulu5kamz tell us a bit about the video:

Ordered a cable and button size batteries for a car remote from Monoprice and they were delivered by Norco Delivery today. Nothing was damaged, just kind of funny that the guy threw the package right in front of a security camera.



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