Distraught Customer Finds FedEx Package Thrown to Second Story Patio

Second Story Catapult?

This shockingly insane story comes from Brandon Euan of YouTube who discovered a FedEx notification at his door. He had missed his delivery.

The notification stated that his package was on his back patio and that a 1st attempted delivery had been made to his apartment building main office.

Ordinarily this type of notice would be taken in stride and appreciated — had Brandon not lived on the second story of an apartment building and the package not been fragile.

FedEx Package Thrown to Second Story Patio


Clearly the package was thrown from the sidewalk below, as there was no other entrance to the patio of the apartment. As this was pre-Christmas, it is unclear the extent of the damage, but Brandon’s girlfriend indicated that his gift was indeed “fragile”. A little common sense here would have ruled the day.

FedEx Throws Package to Second Floor Patio

Good luck Brandon!


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  1. Billy says:

    Awful! I feel for the guy.

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