Lazy Postal Worker Throwing Packages Up Stairs to Porch

Postal Delivery or Carnival Games?

Thanks to K McMahan for this gem of a video featuring a lazy postal worker, of somewhat generous proportion, who feels this postal customer is entitled to his own flavor of “special” delivery.

Obese Postal Worker Throws Packages Up Stairs









One can’t help but picture this porch as a large concessionaire — with the over-sized, stuffed prizes dangling on either side of the ring toss. Smell that popcorn?

Unfortunately, this porch has no carney and the potentially broken contents of these boxes is not a game. Thanks buddy.


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  1. Fuck you says:

    You guys make a big deal out of this. This is normal. This is being gentle. You should she how your packages get thrown around in the plant. This is 10x less than what you guys say. Dumb asses

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