Houston Homeowner Captures USPS Throwing Package Over Fence to Dogs

Cameras capture the Postal Service Throwing a Package Over the Fence

This Houston homeowner is upset after his security camera captured a USPS Post Office worker literally throwing his package into his yard.

USPS Throws Package Over Fence

The customer launched a complaint with the Postal Service, but the results are at this point are unknown. His delivery? A new pair of shoes that he had intended on giving as a Christmas gift. He arrived home to find his box chewed open by his dogs. A sign at the fence was clearly posted that there were dogs in his yard (not to mention the dogs themselves).

USPS Throws Package to Dogs

As the recipient watched the surveillance video footage of the launched delivery, he states “The back of the shoes are torn up, dirt in them, and not in the condition I’d like to give as a gift.” “Just the lack of concern or courtesy of handling a package….throw it as far as you can over the fence, knowing that a dog is there…”

Worse, the Postal Service WAS aware that a dog was there as this homeowner had informed them prior to this incident.

Dogs destroy package with shoes

“It’s just a pair of shoes but it could have been something very fragile, a family heirloom, or something that can’t be replaced. It could have been medicine.”

This investigation is ongoing and more information is forthcoming in regard to the complaint submitted by the package recipient.




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