Chattanooga Postal Worker Caught Mishandling Packages

We have the following information from YouTube user newschannelnine:

“You ever have that package that you’ve been waiting on for days and it finally arrives?Michael Fornecker did. He spent a week waiting for a brand new radio, but when his package finally showed up, its delivery was not what he expected. I heard it hit the door and it was so loud I thought it was someone actually breaking into my house. Fornecker was home when his his radio arrived. After hearing what he calls a loud thump, he says he checked his security cameras to find out what happened. Fornecker spotted the postwoman throwing his package from the sidewalk.Obviously she’s doing this to other people’s mail and probably products that have broken that people spend all of their money on. Fornecker tells us the thrown package left a dent on the door and damaged the goods inside. Fornecker called his local post office yesterday and was told that they would look into it.

When we reached out to their corporate office, a spokesperson says that no one was aware of the situation.David Walton, a Spokesman for Tennessee District of U.S Postal Service, tells us When you called and made us aware of this… This is very concerning to us.Walton tells me they have spoken with Fornecker and they also plan to address the incident with the employee. We have a phenomenal workforce that takes pride in their job and we want to give phenomenal service. Unfortunately it didn’t happen here and we are going to address it. While Fornecker’s Postal Problem hasn’t been resolved. He tells us that he only wants one thing. Well I’m hoping that this gets corrected and she never does this again, adds Fornecker.Walton explains that Postal policy expects employees to take due care when handling packages. The company now plans to conduct service talks with all of the Chattanooga offices to re-emphasize the proper Mikaya Thurmond”



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