Using the Logitech 700e Driveway Camera to Catch the UPS Throwing Packages

This careless gesture was caught with the Logitech 700e Driveway Camera. Watch how the UPS driver thoughtlessly tosses the package out of the van toward the front door. Was this the crystal candle holders from Aunt Betty?

UPS is no match for the 700e Driveway Camera!

Here’s what  YouTube user wilife had to say:

“My Logitech 700e Driveway Camera catches a UPS driver throwing another one of my packeges. This time, he throws it at my garage door. It bounces off, lands on the ground. He jumps out of his truck for some reason and grabs it and brings it to the porch like he should have in the first place. Thanks to the video evidence, I can show the proof to UPS like I did last time this happened and hopefully he wont be returning here again. Thank you, Logitech!”


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