UPS Throws My New Hard Disk Drive

Watch how UPS delivered my new hard drive a few days before Christmas. Thankfully it appears to be undamaged, hopefully it won’t suddenly fail on me.
I understand that during Christmas there are many packages to deliver, but throwing a package about twenty feet from my lawn into my front door is not cool. Note: the entire flight of the box is not in view of the camera.

For those people that are interested in the camera, it is a Logitech Alert 750 outdoor camera with night vision. Amazon link:
They are simple to setup yourself, each camera saves video to a microSD card, and can be viewed remotely from a webpage, or smartphone. Data and power travel through one Ethernet cable (POE), and they come with Powerline network adapters. One “Master” camera is required, and up to 5 additional add-on cameras can be added to the system. The Master system comes with PC software (the PC does’t need to remain on for the system to work) and two Powerline network adapters.

If you would like to see my measurements of the distance the box traveled:

(Many thanks from YouTube user:  Christopher Guzman)



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