UPS Driver Throws Package Into the Snow (Champaign, IL)

The doorbell rang, answered quickly, UPS truck in view, driver next door, I see no package. Driver yells that he threw the package in the bushes to keep it from being stolen. There’s a mound of snow in the bushes. We argue about why it’s not good to place electronics in the snow. Dude’s excuse- the snow’s not melting.

See for yourself. Dude explained that UPS trained him to place packages in the bushes.

My point here is that MANY people have previously complained about UPS drivers’ actions- ringing the bell and leaving quickly with or without leaving the package, throwing packages, damaging packages and poor customer service. This video adds credence to the large number of written complaints about UPS drivers’ unscrupulous activities. It’s less about the driver, and more about the practices of UPS. My video serves as my style of complaining, as a still photo does NOT provide facts as readily as does video. Further, using a camera to record an incident on one’s private property does not constitute a “very aggressive behavior.

The most important factor- the driver could have given me the package at my door instead of throwing it into the snow. That point remains inexplicable, to me. (Thanks to YouTube user:  1NappyMe)



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