• USPS Postal Service Throwing Package Under American Flag

    via Setonas (YouTube): Priceless! Nothing more comforting than to see the USPS securely “delivering” a package, with great enthusiasm and American pride. Watch as this uniformed postal worker tosses this customer’s package under the red white and blue. Luckily the flag wasn’t cascading down, blocking the  trajectory as this lazy worker was able to launch this particular box directly to the top of this cement porch.   from Setonas: USPS apparently loves to throw my packages. This video is from […]

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  • FedEx Driver Runs Stop Sign and Then Throws Package

    via Jeff Smith (YouTube): This is Part 2 of “FedEx Driver Runs Stop Sign and Then Throws Package”. In this video you’ll see a FedEx driver, of somewhat generous proportion, running a neighborhood stop sign in her zeal to rush up to this customer’s doorstop and fling his package like a Frisbee. Her time savings of 2 seconds could have been multiplied exponentially had she simply flung the package from her truck’s exit door. Nice one FedEx!  

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  • UPS Driver Throws Package Over Gate Then Urinates On Home

    Luckily this UPS driver didn’t go as far as showing us what Brown can do for you…. If it wasn’t bad enough that this “pissed”driver decided to hurl a large box of live ammunition over this customer’s fence (when a simple placement on the ground would suffice), he then takes it upon himself to desecrate his home by peeing on it like a dog at a hydrant. Following the video’s release, UPS issued a statement saying the driver, a seasonal […]

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  • UPS Throwing, Tossing Packages from UHAUL Truck in Tennessee

    via newschannelnine: Joanne Brown says she has numerous issues with damaged or thrown packages. “He didn’t think anybody was home. My car wasn’t in the driveway. I was in Chattanooga. And he didn’t know my daughter was catching it,” says Joanne Brown.   While Brown reached out to as many supervisors as possible, she says she’s still without any solid solutions. “The ethics of it! He should not be throwing our package that we pay our hard earned money and pay […]

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  • FedEx Driver in Arlington, TN Tosses Package Against Suburban Memphis Door

    via 10News: “Thankfully, it was just a t-shirt, it wasn’t anything breakable. If it had been, FedEX would have been expected to replace it.” Stacey Martin of Arlington was relieved that it was only a shirt being tossed across her front yard and not something fragile. Stacey and her husband caught this incident on camera Wednesday. Earlier, their son heard a thump against the door . All caught on camera, they then posted the video on Facebook which garnered many […]

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  • DHL Shamed for Deliberately Throwing Packages Into Loading Truck in Adelaide, Australia

    thanks to Lili Patricia via YouTube for the following clip: DHL parcel handlers which shows workers THROWING packages from their truck (VIDEO).  A video showing couriers recklessly throwing packages has garnered over half a million views in a day.  The clip was posted on Facebook by a ‘Pinky BuaChompoo’, the alias used by an Adelaide kick boxer, who filmed the scene from inside a car at Adelaide Airport. It shows three men in high visibility shirts carelessly hurling the parcels […]

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  • UPS Worker Lazily Throwing Packages into UPS Truck in Broad Daylight

    via BigJames Do you remember this video of the FedEx woman tossing packages carelessly into the back of a FedEx truck? Well, clearly nationwide news coverage and her job loss didn’t affect this UPS worker from a repeat performance: Watch as he carelessly (and flagrantly) tosses customers’ packages into the back of his truck during broad daylight. Like a game of Tennis Tetris, this man in brown carries a stack of packages from his hand cart and proceeds to fling […]

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  • Don’t Throw My Package in the “Newsy”

    In the Newsy:  via aol.com October 29, 2014:  Don’t Throw My Package was featured on AOL.com via Newsy, a multi-source video news analysis service that highlights nuances in reporting from media outlets around the world.  

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  • UPS Driver in Long Island Kicks Package worth $12,000

    UPS Driver in Long Island Kicks Package worth $12,000

    via 7online: Just Kicking It This UPS worker from Long Island was recently caught on camera kicking a large package out the door of the company that was mailing it. The sender, Ray Martel, was sending a $12,000 pressure gauge “This guy just basically threw the thing out the door. And when I look at the video, all of a sudden I’m shocked, I see him push this box across the floor and then proceed to bowl it across the […]

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  • Atlanta Mailman Tosses a Cermaic Mug Up a Flight of Stairs

    Atlanta Mailman Tosses a Cermaic Mug Up a Flight of Stairs

    A home security cameras catches the following incident on video. Rather than walking up a few steps, this mailman decides to hurl this package over a railing. If it wasn’t for the bubble wrap inside this box, it may not have survived this shotput launch. “The Atlanta Postmaster [will determine] any disciplinary action to be taken against this employee,” USPS spokesman Michael Miles, said. Check out the video:  

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  • Angry UPS driver making delivery to my building !

    u.s.a.2015 via YouTube brings us the following account of an angry UPS driver delivery packages to his building: In this hidden video, you can see the disdain this UPS driver feels when performing his duties. He carelessly tosses customers’ packages onto the stairs of the UPS truck, and then tosses them onto the ground without a care in the world. Be lucky you didn’t have a delivery while he was in his mood.

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  • Jacksonville Florida USPS Postal Worker Throwing Packages Like They’re Garbage

    Jacksonville Florida USPS Postal Worker Throwing Packages Like They’re Garbage

    Let’s see:  A rainy day, a homeowner away from her porch, and a USPS postal driver with as much compassion as a tazmanian devil. If it sounds like a recipe for disaster then you might be onto something… video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player “My box was soaked and cracked open and a lot of the plastic containers and it was running down my driveway,” describes Sarah who does not want to give her last name out of concern that the […]

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  • Short of the Long: A Shipment of 23 boxes USPS Style

    Short of the Long: A Shipment of 23 boxes USPS Style

    Short of the Long: A Shipment of 23 boxes USPS Style This very detailed account of a 23 box USPS shipment comes from A Kruger via YouTube. He meticulously accounts severe damage to his shipped boxes in this 10 minute video. Clearly, these boxes were dropped, kicked, punched, thrown and were evidently uncared for. Here’s his account: Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe,Very Disappointing USPS Shipment of 23 boxes I want to help support the U.S. Postal Service even knowing it […]

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  • Distraught Customer Finds FedEx Package Thrown to Second Story Patio

    Distraught Customer Finds FedEx Package Thrown to Second Story Patio

    Second Story Catapult? This shockingly insane story comes from Brandon Euan of YouTube who discovered a FedEx notification at his door. He had missed his delivery. The notification stated that his package was on his back patio and that a 1st attempted delivery had been made to his apartment building main office. Ordinarily this type of notice would be taken in stride and appreciated — had Brandon not lived on the second story of an apartment building and the package not been fragile. […]

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  • FedEx Destroys Home Entertainment Unit by Mishandling Package

    FedEx Destroys Home Entertainment Unit by Mishandling Package

    This reaction to FedEx package mishandling comes from Timothy Kim who ordered a home entertainment system and had FedEx pack the shipment themselves. Timothy states: For those few of you that think this was are fault for not packing it with the proper cushion here is some info for you. FEDEX was the one that packed, protect it and box it. This was done at there drop off store, which they assured me if they damaged it they would pay […]

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  • USPS Throwing Multiple Packages Breaking Contents

    USPS Throwing Multiple Packages Breaking Contents

    via Ezequiel R (YouTube): Published on Jan 24, 2016 I was working perfectly until I started hearing loud bangs and saw this again. I work for an international shipping company located in Miami, Florida for four years now. Two years ago the post office of my area started throwing our clients packages from their trucks instead of properly doing their job. We have politely asked the post office workers to not throw the merchandise due to the fact that our […]

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  • USPS elegantly strikes again, and again!

    USPS elegantly strikes again, and again!

    via Random Videos (YouTube): Why? Well, this random USPS package toss comes via Random Videos on YouTube. It was chosen just for the nonchalant and careless nature of the toss itself. I suppose this mailman felt that a few more steps and a crouch would hurt his style during this Thursday route in late January.  

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  • FedEx throwing packages over fence (again)

    FedEx throwing packages over fence (again)

    via Mjdaigre Mjdaigre (YouTube) Made a complaint about a FedEx package delivery 6 months ago. This is how our packages are delivered now. Gate is UNLOCKED and button to open says “PUSH.”

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  • USPS Throws a Package Over a 12 Foot Fence

    USPS Throws a Package Over a 12 Foot Fence

    via erick taing This video clearly shows a faithful USPS worker delivering (launching) a package over a 12 foot fence, with reckless abandon. Luckily the durability of the GoPro camera inside this box was able to withstand the drop, as they are built to take a beating. Video from Stone’s Beverage Center in Philadelphia, 19130.

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  • OKLAHOMA CITY – USPS Postal Worker Tosses Package Like a Ball

    OKLAHOMA CITY – USPS Postal Worker Tosses Package Like a Ball

    OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (Csaba Sukosd) — An Oklahoma USPS delivery driver has been reprimanded after she was caught recklessly tossing packages on her route. The mail carrier was seen on an Oklahoma City resident’s home surveillance video tossing packages onto a porch Pedro Gonzalez, the victim who recorded the mail carrier, said two postal representatives visited him to personally apologize for the ordeal. He says he installed security cameras on his home to keep thieves from stealing his packages. “I […]

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  • USPS:  How far can you throw it?

    USPS: How far can you throw it?

    Phil West via YouTube How low can you go? How far can you toss? This USPS worker wants to find out! Instead of placing this customer’s package at his front door and honoring the fact that inside this box could be sensitive video equipment (yes, this is the case), he tosses the box at the front porch in an effort to save a little time and energy.   Apparently this wasn’t the first time Phil has experienced this with his […]

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  • Caught:  USPS Carrier Throws a Package at Door (2 cameras)

    Caught: USPS Carrier Throws a Package at Door (2 cameras)

    via ThrowingMyStuff Clearly this USPS postal carrier had a previous engagement he had to attend, as he’s handling this package with the utmost haste. Seen parking his truck in front of customer’s home (check out the 2nd camera angle), this careless carrier gets out of his truck and walks up to where the grass ends — then chucks this package against the front door. Score! Kudos for the double camera capture!  

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  • UPS Throws Package Over Fence Just Because

    UPS Throws Package Over Fence Just Because

    via bearsybear12 Here we see a young, brash, hurried UPS carrier who felt it was better to lob this package over a high fence than to delivery it safely to its intended recipient.   Bearsybear12 says: This is the UPS delivery person throwing my package over-hand over my 6-foot high gate and then ringing the door bell and scurrying off. Odd because it’s after the holiday delivery rush. Holidays would explain (not excuse) the lapse in judgment — but as the video […]

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  • Lazy USPS Worker Throws Package Onto Porch, Spring, TX

    Lazy USPS Worker Throws Package Onto Porch, Spring, TX

    via Spring Happenings Thanks to this submission from Zach at Spring Happenings.com! With the ever-increasing number of porch-mounted cameras, this all-too-familiar scene is popping up more and more. As we see here, this USPS carrier needlessly tosses this small package full of fragile DVDs onto the front porch of this Spring, TX home. “I heard a thud at the door and my dog started barking, so I checked my camera to see what was going on”, reported this homeowner as […]

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  • USPS Postal Worker Tosses Package Onto Customer’s Steps

    USPS Postal Worker Tosses Package Onto Customer’s Steps

    thanks to Joe Cunha via YouTube: An alarmingly callous or apathetic delivery is captured in this dropcam video. Notice as this warmly dressed postal worker moseys toward this customer’s steps and unforgivingly chucks his package onto his steps. You can hear the numerous thuds of the package hitting the ground multiple times. Kudos on parking the emblematic van in plain sight.

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